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The annual Tour of Friendship is back for 2019

Background of the TOF After the 13th Asian Games in 1998 in Bangkok, Madame, Titaree Tanakorn decided to organize a new cycling tour with support of 40  commissaries. First named the Anti Drug Tour Thailand and Tour of EGAT the name later changed to Tour of Friendship R1 Famed for its friendly and fun almosphere, the event grew every year by 60-80 riders and this year the organizer expects around 200 foreign riders to compete.  The Tour of Friendship R1 is neither about professional racing nor money it is all about the love for cycling and to connect cyclists from all over the world The meaning of R1 is Road race number 1 The tour is well organized, with a dedicated staff of 120 to take care of the roads and to support the cyclists on their ride.

Tour of Friendship R1 Thailand


  • Junior
  • Open
  • 30-39 years
  • 40-49 years
  • 50-59 years
  • Men Master
  • Lady Open
  • VIP Cyclist


  • Rider who do not get the overall prize, still have the right to ride on the next day to get the stage winner
  • Rider must sign in on the roster sheet at the start (07:30 am) and finish of every race day Not signing in will result in DNS and DNF status for the rider.
  • There is no feeding point on the course Refreshments shall be supported by the commissaries after the first 50 km. until just before the last 20 km. to the finish line
  • ONE team vehicle 4 wheel vehicle only NO motorcycles is allowed for teams consisting of 4 riders or more
  • All riders will be provided with a number plate, which needs to be affixed to their bicycle plus 2 body numbers All number plates shall be well fixed, must be as provided not being cut folded, defaced or modified.
  • Competing teams are notified to bring own spare bicycles and spare parts for the entire competition as no spare bicycles and spare parts will be supplied
  • Only telephones and radios are allowed for communication during the race
  • Jerseys without steeves shall be forbidden.

Helmet is compulsory